Mr. Dan Winkeler

Students! If you are absent or lost your original handout, please see the folders below for ALL assignments used throughout the chapters. See me if you have problems.

My classes:

A Day        

1: Business Management and Entrepreneurship
5: Personal Finance (B LUNCH)
7: Business Management and Entrepreneurship

B Day
2: AP Economics
4: Business Management and Entrepreneurship
6: Academic Lab 
8: Personal Finance

I can be reached via e-mail by clicking

Students and parents.  I am on Twitter.  I post frequent updated to the hashtag #SHSChat.  It is open and public for you to see, even if you do not have a Twitter account.  I strongly encourage you to follow to see updates.  

Class Documents
Personal Finance Calendar of Events for 1st Semester:
Business Management and Entrepreneurship Calendar of events for 1st Semester:
  • Aug 16- First day of school!
  • Aug 17- Syllabus/ Classroom expectations
  • Aug 18- 
AP Economics Calendar of Events
  • Aug 16- First Day of School
  • Aug 17- Syllabus and instructions
  • Aug 18-